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The FuzzThrone was originally designed for Jon in Conan and has been one of his primary fuzz pedals for the past few years (used on Blood Eagle and Revengeance) I took the base Cthulhu Fuzz design, and added a fuzz control and an EQ plus an adjustable boost after the EQ. The resulting pedal is more versatile compared to the regular Cthulhu Fuzz with even more output volume and a bit more gain if the Boost is maxed out.

Controls are as follows:

Fuzz: Amount of Gain.
Tone: Passive EQ, CCW = dark, CW = bright.
Boost: Adds up to 30 dB of boost.
Volume: Output!

$185 + $7 ship in the US.
$185 + $32 ship international.

Lead ship times can be up to 7 days from purchase.

Any Questions? Just Email me at: Dunwichamps@gmail.com